Ruutu10: Rauno Meronen ja Toivo Värbu

Ruutu10 is interested in improvisational comedy. They are often aiming for the improvement of their art. As of today, they have small improvisational comedy centres in both Tallinn and Tartu. There, those interested can practice this form of art.

Their goal is to free people with laugh and bring out the best version of them.

Heading: Rauno's workshop and presentation "Kuidas alustada improgruppi oma koolis?"

Heading: Toivo's workshop "Improkomöödia alustalad"

Length: 15min + 45min + 45min

Introduction: Rauno has been teaching improvisation all over Estonia and has realised that even though the workshop is great and people are interested in improvisation, this teaching and opportunity will never be realized.