Piret Jaaks, EMTA Drama School

Piret Jaaks is a first year doctoral student at Drama School of Estonian Academy of Music and Theatre. Her research subject is dramaturgy created with the help of the community.

Heading: Presentation "Tavaliste inimestega teater, kas tavaline teater?"

Length: 30min

Introduction: Piret brings the listeners the descriptions of three experiences, where community members were included in the production process. These three stagings ("Tavalised inimesed. Tallinna versioon"; "Ma pigem tantsiksin sinuga" ja "Eritunnused") were performed on Vaba Lava in the years 2016 and 2017. She describes different methods, how ordinary people were involved, what it gave to the theatre and the community, with which difficulties and successes are faced with when involving the community in the production progress.