Oliver Issak, University of Tartu, theatre studies

Oliver Issak is a student at University of Tartu, also running the Union of University Students of Theatre Studies, which unites both students studying theatre science and those interested in theatre. He engages, thinks, searches and investigates over theatre. He would love to share his ideas with others and also listen to their thoughts.

Heading: Presentation "Revolutsioon teatris/Revolutsiooniline teater"

Length: 15min

Introduction: Theatre connects people. Usually, spectators gather into a place during a fixed time, who then watch what’s going on stage with dull faces. This community shouldn’t be and isn’t always just a immobile crowd. No. Theatre has a much bigger potential, being able to do much more. One night can grow into something much more, start a rebellion, a revolution. Theatre can change one person, but can also change the world. All you have to do is believe. Have to believe in theatre. Because if we don’t, then “why all this”?