Mall Türk ja Mari Jalakas, theatre Vanemuise

At the conference, Mall Türk, the head of youth work at Theatre Vanemuine and Mari Jalakas, assistant of youth work, will give a presentation. Vanemuine is the oldest theatre in Estonia, the only theatre working with only three genres. In addition to various productions, at Vanemuine Theatre is an opportunity to take part in different educational programs. These are easily associated with lessons at school. Using the different opportunitiesof the theatre, Vanemuine youth work programs offer exciting experiences for contact with theatre, peers, yourself.

Heading: Presentation "Noortetöö Vanemuise teatris"

Length: 15min

Introduction: Different programmes of youth work give a lot of possibilities to get to know theatre a little better. Besides of experiences in the team work, participating in the workshops can help to learn something new about yourself, too. Theatre has its mystery - no one can actually predict, how visiting theatre will affect us. Only what counts is an experience.