Aivar Simmermann and Eesti Luguteater

Eesti Luguteater (Estonian playback theatre) is a part of MTÜ Moreno Keskus, who provides performances and trainings. Playback theatre is an improvisational theatre that was created by J. Fox in New York in the 1970s. The performance is a process, where actors and a musician create a performance that is based on a narrator’s authentical story.

Heading: Workshop "Luguteatri võimalused, kui teemaks on kiusamine klassis"

Length: 1,5h

Introduction: Working with difficult subjects trough playback theatre.

We have heard stories or been part of bullying more or less. But how to talk about it? Do we have the will, skill and courage for it? What kind of feelings will it include and what kind of impact does the bullying have on our relations now and in further life?

Eesti Luguteater has told and played these stories from our life and shared them with the children of the project called Bully-Free School (Kiusamisest Vaba Kool).

We have asked the children, how do the participants of these stories feel and how do their relationships look like. We have also asked how can these stories go on, what are the choices that life brings them, and what can they learn from them.

  • What is and how does the playback theatre work? A little bit of its history, philosophy and methods.
  • How does the preparation with the group and the teacher look like before giving the “class”? What to settle down with the teachers first?
  • How do the beginning story come to life? The preparation of director, musician and actors.
  • Töö rollidega (kiusaja, kiusatav, kangelane, pealtnägija, täiskasvanu) Mida eeldab see lavastajalt, näitlejatelt, publikult?
  • Working with the roles (the bully, the bullied, the hero, the witness, the adult). What does it expect from the director, actors and the audience?