Liia Kanemägi

Liia is a freelance theatre practician, teacher of the program “The art of conscious change to school”. In her work as a teacher, Liia has connected the basics of traditional theatre school, applied theatre practices and teaching of awareness from ancient kriya yoga. Yoga teacher Ingvar Villido has taught Liia a new perspective of human build and methods, which help acknowledge both happening in her inner world and around it, influencing it knowingly.

Practising awareness, she started to actively search for opportunities to implement these knowledges in theatre studies. It has proven as a success and inspirational. Many applied theatre exercises and games have a hidden goal of achieving awareness or presence as a presumption of discovering and investigating something.

From Autumn 2017, Liia teaches within the program “Teadliku muutuse kunst kooli” to students how to use awareness. For younger children, to pass on the knowledge of the program, teachers are using games and exercises from applied theatre in addition to other learning methods.

Heading: Workshop "Mis on kohalolu? Teatrimängud teadlikkuse avastamiseks"

Length: 1,5h

Introduction: Be present! Focus! But how to do it? Lack of presence is a very striking feature at school. Is the bad upbringing, powerlessness, lack of interest of just not knowing how to do something a reason for children’s lacking ability to concentrate? Where does the ability to concentrate and presence really begins? What methods do we have to guide and keep it?

Lately, awareness has been a largely discussed topic. Talking about this, terms like mindfulness, consciousness of mind, being awake are being used. On the basis of kriya yoga, the source of these phenomenons is the same - awareness. The stress-relieving and calming effect of these methods is well-known, but awareness has many more important outputs. This is our capability to be in line with reality, investigate, understand and change.

For example, notice automatical thought patterns or emotions harmful or inappropriate, causing problems in both relationships and cooperation.

This a synthesis of practical knowledge from Ingvar Villido’s conscious change art courses and operational approach, which I have discovered in my everyday work as a theatre teacher.

The goal is to learn how to investigate effectively and change the problematic part of your life.

The aim of the workshop is to explore the concept of awareness with the help of different theatre games and practices. Discovering hrough personal experience, how the conscious use of awereness helps create clarity and silence. We are looking for ways to teach children guidance of awareness and keeping it in place, focusing through games and exercises.

The workshop is in Estonian and takes up to 30 participants.