Kadrioru Saksa Gümnaasium (Kristel Vaiksaar ja Sigrid Polding) and Eesti Draamateater (Kairi Kruus)

School and theatre doesn’t always mean school theatre. Collaboration can be done in many ways. For example, have a literature class at the theatre at an unusual time - after the performance. Kersti Heinloo’s youth performance “Lift” and teamworkwith Eesti Draamateater literature room gave the students of Kadrioru Saksa Gümnaasium an interesting opportunity to write a long review right after the performance. Project was carried out by two teachers of the school, Kristel Vaiksaar and Kadri Barr and also Draamateater literature room editor Kairi Kruus.

Heading: Presentation "11 meetrit teatriarvustust"

Length: 15min

Introduction:Eesti Draamateater youth performance “Lift” was an inspiration to an ambitious experiment - what would happen if 40 students all together would write a complete review right after the performance? The plan was excitedly picked up by Grade 9 students from Kadrioru Saksa Gümnaasium, supervised by teacher Kristel Vaiksaar. The evening of theatre grew out to a real MÕK project. In the presention we will introduce project from the theatre, students and teachers point of view.