Zoja Mellov and Tallinna Tugikeskus Juks

Juksi näitetrupp

The acting group Juks have been active for 10 seasons.Over the years they have created several different performances. For example: the festival of Savilind, Tallinn’s Old Town days, the Applied Theatre Conference in Mäetaguse, Some Body Plays festival, Folklore Festival of Võru, Baltica 2016, the Culture Festival of People with Disability in Tarti, social institutions of Tallinn etc. For now, the group has 9 members, both Estonian and Russian young people, including their supervisors/supporters. Juks is a member of Estonian Amateur Theatre Association since 2014.

The instructor of the group is Zoja Mellov.

Heading: Performance "Kloun ütleb EI"

Length: ~30min

Introduction: The circus is announcing the last and the most famous act! The arena welcomes Petronius the clown and Theodor the donkey, but suddenly something bizarre is happening in front of the director of circus and the audience - nobody is moving and what more: the clown is saying NO. This “no” is a start of a series of events that leads other artists of the circus (Ferdinand the pony, Otto the dog, Luise the giraffe, Gustav the lion, etc) to new adventures. What to do with the newly found freedom they had only dreamed of and what will happen to the director of circus who have suddenly lost everything? The play tells a story about losing and finding again, the bravery of making your dreams come true.