Eva Marichalar-Freixa, Deriva Mussol

Eva Marichalar-Freixa (Manlleu, 1973) is devoted to arts, research and education. In 2012, together with visual artist Jordi Lafon, she founded Deriva Mussol, an initiative that encourages walking practices as an opportunity for creation and knowledge building. Dérives, outdoor arts, and transdisciplinarity are action keystones throughout all her practices. She is a member of international Arts Based Research Group Beyond Text, professor at Street Arts Master’s Degree of Universitat de Lleida-FiraTàrrega, and teaching and research staff for performing arts at Universitat de Vic-Universitat Central de Catalunya. She writes, creates or performs artworks for her project Virginia Fochs, as well as for other artists or companies. Instability, improvisation and movement are elements with which she feels comfortable and which often accompany her in a dialogue that oscillates between an introspective process focused on the research of origins and an outward-looking process related to social and community practices. Currently she is working on her doctoral studies on the idea of the dérive as a way of learning and starting to develop WEFEAR, which she conceives as her next step into arts and sustainability in collaboration with Dimitri Ialta Company.

Heading: Workshop "Searching out the scene - A proposal by Deriva Mussol"

Lenght: 1,5h

Introduction: Deriva Mussol is led by Jordi Lafon and Eva Marichalar-Freixa in collaboration with everyone interested in our proposals. Our long professional record in education and visual and performing arts, brought us to embrace walking practices as a way to explore endless possibilities for creation and learning in contemporary contexts. We enjoy generating actions as well as sharing gathering spaces which are meant to be open, permeable and in motion.

Searching out the scene proposes to go out for a silent walk and let us surprise by all those scenes and scenarios that our imagination is ready to bring us up.

A careful and attentive observation opens the door to dialogue with our memory, our experiences, our sensations and our capacity to be surprised at any moment. What is new in what we think we already know? What is to find behind the everyday life of our streets? What worlds lay underneath those city routes and borders that we daily cross from one side to the other? Walking the city opens the door to make things happen, to experience the unexpected, to search for what it seems to remain invisible. After an hour walk, we will gather to listen to the emerging stories that some of the participants might be willing to share.

Participants must bring warm and comfortable wear and be ready for an hour walk. If possible, please bring mobile phones (Whatsapp) and headphones with you (if that is not possible, do not worry at all). Open to everyone who enjoys strolling, especially enjoyable with groups not larger than 20-25 people.