Drama - Connecting People

The applied theatre conference “Drama-Connecting People: school and community” will be held on 9.-11. November 2017 in Kohtla-Järve. It will bring together young drama fanatics, theatre researchers, local culture groupings and theatre professionals from all over Estonia and the world. Conference is organized by the Tartu University Viljandi Culture Academy and the Järve High school of Kohtla-Järve.

The Youth Theatre Conference

9. November is directed to young people- THE YOUTH THEATRE CONFERENCE is brought to life by Järve High School and TU Viljandi Culture Academy.

Applied Theatre Conference

On 10. November the APPLIED THEATRE CONFERENCE will be held. Presentations, workshops and performances will be done by professionals from Estonia and other countries.

Cultural Boiler

CULTURAL BOILER will be held on 11. November. Järve High School will open their doors and creative meetings between the school, local groupings and the community will take place.


The aim of the conference “Drama Connecting people: School and community” is to gather knowledge and studies and surveys on applied theatre, introduce new drama methods in school, youth work and community and to strengthen the cooperation between the youth, academic institutions, cultural groupings and the community.

The conference is looking for answers for the following questions: who and what are worked with in the world through applied theatre? How do drama techniques work in enterprise, hobby activities, innovation, lessons at school? How to use artistic methods in a multicultural environment to bring together school and community? What is the research potential of applied theatre and how to assess it?

The conference is open to everyone who works with people through theatre and drama - drama teachers, drama practitioners, teachers, youth workers, trainers, lecturers, students from educational institutions, minority culture agencies, parents, grandparents and community members.

Besides practicioners from Estonia, guests from England, Spain, Finland, Sweden and Palestine share their knowledge and experience.

This year’s conference contributes to cooperation between different generations.


The first conference in the applied theatre field “Theatre to school, school to theatre” took place on the 20th of March in 2007 at Viljandi Maagümnaasium. The reason for the conference was to have an event, where different possibilities to integrate theatre with education, hobby activities and youth work were introduced, studied and experienced. The conference focused mostly on the questions how and which applied theatre variations are used working with children and youths in Finland and what is possible to make happen in the society with drama methods.


The second applied theatre themed conference was held on 25-26 March 2010 in the Estonian Traditional Music Centre in Viljandi. The purpose of the conference was to broaden the applied theatre way of thinking in the society, assembling practicioners from Estonia, theorists/practicioners from Finland and England. Main organiser was University of Tartu Viljandi Culture Academy with cultural managers Kätlin Adamsoo and Kadri Vaas.


In 2012, on 24-16 October, conference “Drama connecting people” was held in Mäetaguse, Ida-Virumaa. On the first two days of the event lasting three days, a development seminar took place. On the last day, the conference was open to all those interested, containing of presentations and interactive performances. Besides workshops and discussions, social institutions (care home, prison etc.) of Ida-Virumaa were visited with international guests, who there conducted sample workshops.


Fourth international applied theatre conference “Drama connecting people” took place on October 25 in Narva, at University of Tartu Narva College. Prior to the conference, a three day creative platform was held at Sillamäe, where drama practitioners combined their experiences and in international teams created forms of workshops to put into practice with local groups of interest. That year, drama practitioners gathered from Estonia, Finland, Germany and England.





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