Allan Owens, RECAP, University of Chester

The centre for Research into Education, Creativity and Arts through Practice (RECAP) at the University of Chester, UK, specialises in practice-based research into creativity, learning and the arts, in professional educational contexts through international collaborations.

We have a portfolio of research across the disciplines of the arts in education, performance arts, applied drama and theatre, popular cultural forms such as comics and street theatre, and in professions such as health, justice, heritage, social work, arts-based organisations and businesses.

Heading: Presentation and workshop "PAUSE festival: against ignorance" (with Anne Pässilä)

Lenght: 30min + 1,5h

Introduction: Every generation has to define its understanding of democracy what it would look like and how it would feel to be in it. Pause Festival Lahti is an event staged to enable young people to imagine this. At its heart is a project of equality and equity. From the outset the assumption of the planning team was that the quality is not something to be worked towards but to be established from the outset. In concrete terms this meant that all the 10 professionals involved artists, educators, researchers bought what they bought to the space just as the young people bought themselves and their understandings to the space. What the professional team could offer was a set of arts-based pedagogical and artistic practices that would enable collective imagining of democratic forms of being. The festival asked the questions ‘What do you pause for in this life?’ and ‘what would you like to pause for?’ Fees directly challenge the authority of speed, ‘useful’ employment and valued ways of spending time in society, the authoritarianism of older generations.